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How to Design an Innovative Music Studio

juli 01, 2020 3 min read

music room decor

A home music studio should be a creative space where you can immerse yourself in music and feel inspired. It takes careful planning to put together an innovative music room and requires a lot more thought than packing all of your equipment into one space. It’s important to select design elements that will enhance the space and improve the sound quality in the room. Below are a few elements you should include when designing your home music room to create the best studio possible.


wallaxe guitar hanger

Equipment organizers

Obviously you’re going to have a few different instruments set up in your space. You want to strategically place each item so they don’t end up taking up all of the room in your studio. A great way to organize your instruments while adding a bit of style is to order custom guitar hangers. The hangers will keep all of your guitars off the floor and out of the way while also creatively displaying the beauty of each instrument.  

Velcro cable ties are another item that should be every musician’s friend. Music studios tend to be filled with various cords which can quickly become a tangled mess if thrown into a box after every jam session. Securing individual cables with a labeled Velcro tie not only makes the cables easier to store, but it also makes it immensely easier to locate the cords you need. Get rid of the cable box you’ve shoved in the closet and instead have a storage draw of neatly coiled cables ready whenever you’re in the mood to make music. 


soundproof girl singing music studio

Soundproof your space

Soundproofing your music room is such an important step when designing your music studio. Taking the necessary measures to soundproof your room will not only keep your neighbors happy, but it’ll also reduce the chance of ambient noise filtering into the space from outside. A few ways you can soundproof your space include filling gaps, adding textiles, and installing soundproofing materials.  

Gaps in doorways and around windows allow a significant amount of noise to escape as well as penetrate your music room. Add a door sweep around the bottom of the door and acoustic-grade sealant around windows to reduce sound travel. You can also add a bit of style to the room by selecting a rug for the center of your space. Rugs serve an important purpose in your music studio by absorbing sound and reducing a room’s natural echoes. This noise absorption will improve the sound of your instruments during recording. 

If you really want to dampen the noise escaping from your space then installing foam soundproofing materials is the most effective option. Acoustic paneling will absorb a lot of the noise you make in your studio and keep your music from blasting your neighbors away. 


Give the room some personality

You should feel inspired to create awesome music every time you step into your music studio and giving the room some personality is a great way to encourage creativity. Hang portraits of your music idols on the walls or display your favorite records. Another option would be to display memorabilia you’ve collected from concerts and gigs you’ve attended. Whatever motivates you and inspires creativity should have a place in your music studio. 

Each of the elements mentioned above are important when designing your music room so spend time making the necessary improvements. You’ll be happy you did once your studio is complete and you have a truly unique space for creating captivating music.