Every Maker Has A Story

Let Us Tell You Ours

Our Story

Memories of a rock star wanna-be nephew, Lincoln Lambert, inspired Wall-Axe.
Lincoln constantly played air guitar around the house. My dad thought he looked rather “stupid”
and, in turn, built a look-alike guitar out of wood (long before the Guitar Hero game was dreamed of).
Lincoln could hold onto the guitar-shape wood cutout. Problem solved. 

Many years later, when my own son started playing real guitars, I noticed they were always
lying around or getting knocked over—always in the way. I decided to remedy the problem by
hanging them on the wall. 

I tried regular guitar hangers, but they had no design appeal on the wall. Then, the idea hit me:
Duplicate my dad’s idea of many years ago and attach the hangers to a guitar-shape body. 

My son talked me into building these stylish guitar hangers for other people. 

The response was positive. We received our design patent in 2009 and created Wall-Axe.
We introduced Wall-Axe Custom Guitar Hangers to the public by taking our products to the
internationally known National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Nashville,
Tennessee, and toured music festivals across the country. 

From that simple memory, our family has continued to grow Wall-Axe Custom Guitar Hangers
and Lambo Designs. 

— Co-Inventor Michael Lambert 

Our Commitment

We want to make your shopping and purchasing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Your business is incredibly important to us. We offer personal customer service not found with many large manufacturers. We know our product inside and out, from our design table to your doorstep. If you have questions, reach out